July 1, 2009
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From The Drawing Board: Twitter Zombies?

Okay we’re trying something new.

We’ve got an idea for a new Zombie Shirt and we’re going to preview it here in development. This is the color test for the art of our new Twitter Zombie shirt…

Twitter Zombie Shirt Design

Twitter Zombie Shirt Design

SO?  What do you think? Would you buy/wear it? What color shirt would you prefer to see it on? (doesn’t have to be white – but were thinking a lighter color would be best).

We’re curious to get your feedback.  If this shirt gets the go signal you could see it debut at San Diego Comic-Con International in a few weeks.

(sorry about the watermarks – lawyers insist we protect our concepts)

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5 comments on “From The Drawing Board: Twitter Zombies?”

  1. thehoodnerd

    Look prettys good!

  2. Spooky Uberette

    I adore it, and I definitely want one! Too cute! <3

  3. humerus

    Cool – we’ll let you know when they’re ready. We’re still deciding on what color shirt… any preference? (we’ll still do what we want, but we could be persuaded by a SpookyUberette…)

  4. uberfangirl

    omg loves it!
    hopes you’ll have it in fitted fangirl sizes.

  5. Gabriel Ellis

    i love David Boreanaz in the TV Series bones, he is really a great actor.’,*

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