March 19, 2010
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Brian Ewing’s commercial. Hey, I’ve got an idea…

I was watching Fringe on Hulu the other night and a commercial came on for a mystery novel…   I can’t remember ever seeing a commercial for a book before.  They package together some images and music, added a narrator reading a few key quotes…  (sadly I can’t actually remember the book).

Then I saw that an artist we love – Brian Ewing – has a video to promote his upcoming book “Don’t Hold Your Breat”  It’s featured on his site right now, but I first learned about it from Atticus clothing, here:  Brian Ewing Book Trailer.  But for your convenience I’ll post it too:

Now that’s damn pretty.   Epic.  Animated peices of his art, mixed with a cool soundtrack, floated quotes by from respected peers like Frank Kozik and Coop.  These aren’t your father’s network televison commercials.

Makes me want to start playing with video…  A video for a t-shirt?  Why not? You just might see a Humerus video sometime this summer…

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