March 30, 2010
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Introducing: Humerus E-Cards

Here at the Humerus World Headquarters (aka the closest Starbucks) we were sitting around with all of our cool designs and trying to think of all the great ways to share them.   The Humerus Blimp sounded like fun, but sort of out of the budget… Maybe get someone to start making “Zombeee” brand honey…

Friendly, wacky and Free

Send a Humerus E-Card and shock/amuse a friend!

Then I got one of those sappy e-cards with a rainbow and hugging teddy bears wishing me a “Beary-happy day.”  (sender shall remain anonymous to protect the tasteless)  INSPIRATION!  We will be the un-cute alternative!

Today we’re launching Humerus E-Cards!

Embrace the Un-Cute!

Free Humerus E-Card ServiceThis is a totally FREE service where you can send your friends original Humerus designs masquerading as friendly e-cards.  They’re unique, they’re wacky, and they’re occasionally tasteless!

And if you know anyone with a blimp…

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