April 8, 2010
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Have you been to Phantom Harbor?

PhantomHarbor.com logoIf you love retro-horror,  classic special effects, or  the loving atmosphere of vintage UHF horror programming… then you must take a trip to Phantom Harbor.   

I get  kick out of it because I love those vintage tv horror movie hosts… in character and costume, acting spooky on a small set at the local UHF station… Every week they’d be there, with their witty introductions and ghastly puns, ready to ease you back from the commercial and into the movie to continue your trip to scaryland.  

Each episode of Phantom Harbor is introduced by Captain Mcallister, who then reads/narrates the tale… But it’s more than just “here’s a story” – it’s a whole environment.  Throughout the site and within episodes the Captain entertains us with goings on in his ship, visitors, birthday messages to fans, guest stars etc…

Shannon Shea is the star and creator of Phantom Harbor, which is the product of one man with talent, time, space in his garage and a patient wife.   But above all, talent. 

Check it out below, and then explore other riches at PhantomHarbor.com

Phantom Harbor: “A Cry From Captain Keller” from Shannon Shea on Vimeo.

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