April 16, 2010
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The World’s Gone BACON! (and we love it)


There’s something the air…  it’s the smokey, salty, profitable whiff of Baconprenuerism

There aren’t many crazy trends I can really get behind – (I just don’t get Lady GaGa) – but the Bacon Craze that’s sweeping the globe has my hearty endorsement!

Recently in Chicago over a thousand fans got together  for the first ever BaconFest Chicago!   Tasting delicious dishes prepared by local chefs, sampling products like Bakon Vodka and Baconaisse

Was it popular?  The festival sold out the first day tickets went on sale and the operators spent then next 3 weeks apologizing to all of us who couldn’t get in.

Was it a success?  The Chicago Tribune called it a “Tasetful Celebration”  and ChicagoFoodies.com called the event “Swinetacular!”  (you can’t make that up)

Yes, other foods have been celebrated, had their moment to shine… (even spices – can you say “chipotle”?)… but few  have developed non-food spin offs.  This is where Baconprenurism really takes off…  Could you use Bacon Tape in the office?  Carry your ID around in a Bacon Wallet?

People have been making art from the two things they love  most…
BACON & BOOBIES  – The Bacon Bra
BACON & STAR WARS  – The Bacon Star Wars At-At
BACON & GUNS – The Bacon AK-47 Rifle

We love the celebration and want to do our part to sing the glories of Bacon.   So we are proud to introduce our two new Humerus Bacon T-Shirts:

Chews Bacon T-Shirt


The Bacon Fairy T-Shirt

I Believe In the Bacon Fairy shirt

This fad has the makings of a pork-fueled tidal wave that will last until, well, until somebody gets their cholesterol checked.

Man, my mouth is watering…  Maybe I’ll just slip a cheeseburger under a pile of bacon…

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