April 13, 2010
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WonderCon: We Almost Max-ed Out

It is only now, in the sober light of day, that we can tell this tale of caution from Wondercon 2010 experience… I beg you to heed our lesson well… for next time it may be you!
Team Humerus at WonderCon

Team Humerus at WonderCon 2010

Zombies, Comedy, T-Shirts, Posters… these are the foundation and cornerstones of our little business.   This year is our third year at WonderCon and things were looking up!   And here Humerus Mark tells our tale…

As with any of these conventions, there were celebrities of various degrees in attendance.  G4’s Chris Gore‘s visit to our booth. Having passed right by us at two other shows, I was quite surprised by his interest in our stuff. We both appreciated his willingness to tweet about our zombie posters. I hope he enjoys the shirts…” (he did)

Of course, for anyone whose inventory is about 80% Zombie themed, one of the most desirable celebrities to meet would be Max Brooks.  Since we started this silly business of ours, we have been looking for a way to meet the author of “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “World War Z“, give him a free Zombie shirt, and maybe extract a positive comment or two. Of course, there has just been no opportunity to make that happen.

So, there we are Sunday, manning the booth, tired but happy. We have been fielding customers left and right. During a brief lull, we take a moment to check email, and update Facebook and Twitter. As we text away, a guy comes up, looks everything over, and says “Love your stuff. Thanks for spreading the word.” I thank him. Sensing my lack of recognition, he shakes my hand and introduces himself as Max Brooks. I thank him VERY MUCH for the kind words. I swing around to clue-in Brett, who is still Tweeting away. Brett looks up and Mr. Brooks repeats his compliment after which, he moves on. Then, Brett asks “Who was that?” I tell him. We stand there for a moment thinking about how neat that was. The moment passes and we start to get back to what we were doing.

Then, the stupid fog lifts…

Max? BROOKS!?! We didn’t get pictures? A quote? ANYTHING?

This happened at last year’s Wondercon with Carrie Fisher. I was at the opposite end of the booth and  Brett had no idea who he was serving. To be fair, she looks a lot different in person these days. Still, by the time we extracted heads from rear-ends, she was long gone. Wanting to avoid a repeat performance, Brett quickly grabbed a camera, a Brains shirt, and went off to track down the elusive Max Brooks. I am happy to say he succeeded, and we will be posting the picture soon to prove it.” And here  it is:
Max Brooks likes our Zombie Shirts!

“Oh, sometime afterward, Chris Gore stopped by to chat for a second time. After he went on his way, we realized that, in the TWO times he was at our booth, we didn’t get pictures, or a quote.
Some geeks will never learn.”

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