August 11, 2010
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A Geeky Milestone – We’re in PREVIEWS!

We’ve been geeks our whole lives.  That means Aurora Model Kits, playing “Name That Star Trek Episode” (based on the soundtrack alone), countless hours of time travel debate… and decades of weekly trips to the comic book store on new comics day.

As most comic book store regulars know, comics and related merchandise are solicited to your local shop via the monthly Diamond Comics PREVIEWS catalog.  And I’m thrilled to announce that for the first time ever HUMERUS products are in Previews! (August 2010 issue, page 420 – in the “SPOTLIGHT” at the bottom)

For geeks like us this is a HUGE milestone!  We’re so proud.  And if our moms were geeks they’d be proud too (Trust us Moms, this is good!)

Tell your local Comic Shop - to order from page 420

Humerus Magnets in Previews! Alert your comic shop!

They listed the magnet collection as “Zombie Humerus Magnets”  Even thought they mix in our Geek Hazards and Bacon designs with the awesome Zombie images.   Go figure.  We’ll call it a Humerus Variety Pack.

So visit, call or email your local comic book shop and tell them to order the HUMERUS MAGNETS !   (and then buy some when they come in, alright?  Don’t leave your poor shop owner hanging)

That’s AUGUST 2010 PREVIEWS, Page 420 – the “SPOTLIGHT” item at the bottom of the page.


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