August 9, 2010
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Comic-Con 2010 – Awesomeness from the floor

It’s two weeks after Comic-Con and everybody else has posted their thoughts.  You’ve read about the awesome panels, the celebrities, the movie sneak-peeks, the stabbing, the costumes, (wait, did he say stabbing?)… how the con has spread throughout the city…  BUT have you heard what it’s like to spend all of Comic-Con weekend in a 10’x10′ square at one end of the exhibit hall?  I think not.

1,500 Bacon and Zombie T-Shirts loaded for Comic-Con
1,500 Bacon and Zombie T-Shirts loaded for Comic-Con
After months of planning, our Comic-Con 2010 adventure begins at 6am on Wednesday as we drive our loaded van and truck from LA to San Diego…  The rest of the day goes something like this… Starbucks, drive, traffic, drive, arrive.  The union unloads our stuff behind convention center in 30 seconds, and then we take 6 hours to build and stock our booth.  We realize we didn’t bring lunch, and pay $15 for chips and soda for 3 at the convention center. Sigh.
At 6 the Comic-Con Exhibit floor opens for Preview Night – and we’re off!
Zombie Hunters League

Zombie Hunters League T-Shirt

The notable first sale of the show is our new Zombie Hunters League shirt, and people are digging the new magnets by Ata-Boy and we feel like we’re off to a great start.  Preview night closes at 9, we decide to skip the local eats and head to the hotel – but we get stuck in construction generated traffic, arrive too late and the hotel’s restaurant is closed – we barely eat, and get to sleep well after midnight.  

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all sort of blur together (damn, I should have written this two weeks ago)… but they go something like this:

Comic-Con costumegoers everywhere

Speed Racer at Ralph's Supermarket

First coffee at the hotel lobby, then drive from Hotel Circle, pick up lunch at Ralph’s supermarket (with other expert con-goers), drive to RESERVED PARKING under the Convention center just a half hour before the hall opens! (OMIGOD – this was a fantastic improvement by the Comic-Con staff and SD Convention Center this year THANK YOU). 

When they open the hall doors and the faithful stream in it’s non-stop…  a steady flow of people coming by, stopping to laugh at our designs “Dude, check this out… Mr Piddles, Bringer of Death!”, picking up a couple of shirts or a poster,  and chatting with us about Zombies, Bacon, etc.  

Nights were simply eat, drink, sleep, shower and repeat.    

Humerus BoothComic-Con 2010 - open for business!

Humerus Booth Comic-Con 2010 - open for business!

Zombie Con T-Shirt

Zombie Con T-Shirt a SELL OUT!

NEW STUFF – the new to Comic-Con shirts like Geek Hazards , Zombie Hunters League, and Zombie Con were all hits.   And our two new licensed properties SOLD OUT!  (the aforementioned magnets by Ata-Boy, and the popular BRAINS poster by NMR Distribution) 

OLD FRIENDS – Sure we could make stuff and sell it online, never venturing off of the Humerus island headquarters… but we’d never get to meet the great people who we see year after year at the con…  There were online friends we knew we’d see like Katrina Hill the Action Flick Chick, Kristin Rielly aka @GeekGirls, Rebecca and James Hicks from Little Vampires, the mad geniuses at X-Sanguin and Misty from Morbidly Adorable

Here are just a few of the friends who surprised us with a booth visit this year…

1. The ultimate Chews Bacon Model 2. Loves his 2 year old CAUTION shirt and wants it autographed! 3. Fans stop by wearing Humerus Classics “Zombie Nixon” and “Zombie Jesus”

It was an amazing week, we were constantly busy, sold lots of stuff, made lots of friends, barely left our little 10′ square… and had a great time. 

WE’LL BE BACK in 2011!

For all our pictures from this year’s show, and updates throughout the year, visit the Humerus Facebook page and click the “LIKE” button…

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