August 3, 2010
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Distracted by BACON

So tonight I settled down to FINALLY write a post about our fantastic Comic-Con experience…  but the internet had other plans for me (as it often does)…    I stumbled upon a mouth watering photo that required further investigation…

Ladies and Gentlemen… allow me to present the Bacon Cheese TURTLEBURGER!

Bacon Cheese Turtleburger

The mouth watering Bacon Cheese Turtleburger

Yes, that’s an all beef burger, topped with sharp cheddar cheese cheese, wrapped in a weave of bacon –  with Hebrew National hot dogs thrown in for good measure…  OMIGOD!

Chews Bacon T-Shirt

Chews Bacon T-Shirt

I will EARN my Chews Bacon Shirt and wear it proudly!

So instead of doing what I sat down to do – I’m cursing my poorly stocked refrigerator and heading off to the market… in preparation to gorge myself on meaty goodness!

I may not survive eating one of these, but I’m going down trying!

Bacon Turtleburgers

Bacon Turtleburgers ready for devouring!

It has to be said… YUM!

Click HERE for the original distraction/source – whom my arteries will curse forever.

(and that comic-con post is coming… I promise)

2 comments on “Distracted by BACON”

  1. Cie Cheesemeister

    That would be a heart attack in a (bacon) shell.

  2. Lindazilla

    O!M!G! That looks good. Say it loud, say it proud! Pork fat rules.

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