October 14, 2010
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Zombie Hunt continues: Things From Another World infected!

Following a rumor that our Humerus Zombie invasion was spreading, we took a trip up to Universal Citywalk Hollywood today… and found the biggest outbreak so far!

Things From Another World

CityWalk’s  resident comic book shop, Things From Another World, is STOCKED with Humerus Zombie merchandise!  We walked in and instantly saw our BRAINS t-shirt on their wall of t-shirts.  Sure enough, right below it were “Caution”, “Zombie Hunters League” and  our Geek Hazards shirt “Acid For Blood”    A quick glance around and we found our “Brains” poster on their rack, and a special magnet display full of Zombies – “iZombie”, “Caution”, “Zombeee” etc.

Check out the awesomeness that is TFAW, CityWalk:

Humerus Zombie Shirts in stores now!

There we are between Cthulu and Godzilla!

Things From Another World has the Zombie Brains Poster

Zombie Brains poster at CityWalk!

Zombie Magnets at Things From Another World

Zombie Magnets at Things From Another World

Thanks to the staff at Things From Another World, CityWalk for having such great taste!   If you’re heading up to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights be sure to pick up your Zombie t-shirts at TFAW!

– Team Humerus

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