December 2, 2010
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Comic-Con 2011… We’re Baaaack!

We have confirmation!  Humerus is officially returning for our fourth year as an Exhibitor to San Diego Comic-Con International!

In light of changes we’ve been making, the generous staff at Comic-Con have moved our booth to the other end of the hall.   So if you are returning we are giving you plenty of advanced warning… Humerus will now be in booth 5038, part of the “Toy Growers Cultyard”

Humerus at Comic-Con 2011

Click to enlarge & see our new booth space for Comic-Con 2011

We’re VERY excited about the move and are busy planning big things for July!   Mark your calendars, mark your maps, and come see Brett and Mark from HUMERUS in Booth #5038 – Comic-Con 2011

San Diego Comic-Con International is the world’s largest gathering and celebration of the Popular Arts.  Register early so you can attend July 21-24, 2011!

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