January 6, 2011
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Six-Foot Devil Cow Seeks New Home

We were cleaning up at the end of the year and came across our 6′ tall cardboard MOOCIFER standup.  He’s made his public appearance at San Diego Comic-Con back in 2009.   (see below)

Devil Cow and friend

Moocifer poses with a young fan.

But time marches on and Moocifer is ready to find a new home… question is, what do you do with a giant santanic bovine mascot?

Should we have a contest to win him?
Convince the New Jersey Devils they should adopt him as their new mascot?
Auction him off on ebay?
Donate him to a vegetarian charity?

I’m sitting here with Moocifer, the grinning Devil Cow, sending out this plea – help us find his new home – or we’ll be forced to burn him and send him to a (familiar) firey fate!

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  1. CanadianBroad

    Well, I would LOVE to have Moocifer, but I’m sure many other fans would, too. I think a contest to win him (her?) would be the fairest thing to do. : )

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