March 3, 2011
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3 Things We ARE Doing… (post 2 of 3)

The previous post covered what we are NOT doing… But let’s not dwell on the past… Now, on to


3 Things We ARE Doing…



But in a good way.    You see, there’s a beautiful word called “licensing” – we have fallen in love with it.  We have started teaming up with other companies and letting them do what they do best – so we can focus on what we do best.  We come up with the image and they make and distribute STUFF!  Like posters, t-shirts, magnets, buttons, mugs, glassware, toys, nuclear accelerators, skateboard decks and band-aids. (ok, we haven’t signed with anyone who makes band-aids yet, but that’d be cool).


Free at last!  Free at last!   With the limits of time and budget behind us we are free to create MORE! And more you shall have!


Sure you know us for some awesome Zombie t-shirt you picked up at Comic-Con, or that Zombie poster you ordered from our (old) webstore. But we are so much more than Zombies… Creativity is like a buffet –  and we’d been on a diet, just choosing to produce a skinny little line of brain-obsessed zombies. Well Humerus is stepping up to the buffet and we’re planning on getting FAT.  Sure we’ll keep doing zombies… ’cause we love ’em so… but often one idea leads to another… where before we’d be limited to just the salad, now we’re diving in with two plates!


Watch our next post for a treat from the All-You-Can-Eat Humerus Buffet…


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