March 3, 2011
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PEOPLE! CHILL! 3 Things We Aren’t Doing Anymore (post 1 of 3)

Humerus is heading in a new direction! You may have noticed a few changes around our website… A few people have sent us panicky messages – “Oh no!  Where will I get my zombie tshirts now?”  or  “Omigod are you going out of business?”

People! Chill!

As they say we are just “changing our business model.”

To set the record straight, here are 3 things we aren’t doing anymore…


1. We’re not retailing anymore.
We’re a small 2-man operation and too much of our time was being spent processing orders, packing and shipping shirts etc. It took away from time we could have used to create new stuff, or trying to get our stuff in stores.


2. We’re not wholesaling anymore.
We tried, but we sucked at it. All along we wanted to get our designs in stores… not just our own webstore, but everywhere – so we could be in a mall near you. In 3 years doing this on our own with limited connections and ability we got into 4 stores. (thanks you guys, you rock)


3. We’re not making stuff anymore.
Face it we were limited. Time, budget, resources…  we’d come up with 30 ideas, but we could only print 4 on t-shirts, 2 on posters… So some really awesome ideas never made it off the coffee shop napkin. Some lost forever.


That’s just wrong.


Stay tuned for the 3 things we ARE doing…


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