April 11, 2011
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Wondercon 2011.. from the other side of the table

Well, April has come once again, and with it, another weekend of fun in San Francisco known as Wondercon! However, this time there was something decidedly different about this show.  Sure, the crowds were larger than ever before.  Yes, the celebrities were bigger and more plentiful.  Of course, what was truly different about this year’s show, was that there was NO Humerus.


As we have discussed in previous posts, Humerus is stepping away from active participation in the retail end of the business.  We are licensing now, which is giving us even more opportunities to create more fun stuff for you folks.  As a matter of fact, you should see some of the new stuff we have cooked up for a new long form concept.  ..but, I digress..


This is about Wondercon!  Even though we decided not to do the show as a vendor, I knew I was going to miss being in that city and being around all that creativity.  So, my wife, Erin, and I packed up the car and made our way North.  As predicted, the show did not disappoint.  Since there are plenty of news outlets on the web that have already done a much better job than I ever could covering the con, I will just stick to a few highlights.

The Wondercon 2011 crowds

Ohhh, look at all the people..


The crowds were amazing.  The show is definitely shaping up to be the upstart younger sibling of the San Diego Comic-con.  While we may not have been there selling, our products were represented.  The good folks at Poster Planet were carrying our “BRAINS” poster.  It was definitely in good company.  I even saw a few of our shirts on some fellow attendees.  Always nice to see !

Our BRAINS Poster

Someone else is selling our stuff! YAY!


For those who might be thinking the Zombie craze is running out of steam, pretty much everything I saw convinces me otherwise.

Walking Dead Products

Lots o’ Walking Dead swag!

Robert "Walking Dead" Kirkman Interviewed

“Walking Dead” Author Robert Kirkman presenting his defense of Zombies to the media

The Zombie Zoo

There’s even cute undead animal stuff. Nice!

As the art side of the Humerus Brain, I must say the whole weekend was a tremendous blast of creative energy.  It was great to be able to walk around and interact with all of these vendors and artists and just soak up the vibe.  Of course, even though the manufacture and retailing of our designs is now in much more capable hands, there is still one aspect of being a vendor at these shows which I really miss; interacting with our customers.  It is always great getting your feedback!  It helps us make our stuff better.  So, I just want to reiterate that we WILL have a booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-con.  If you are attending, look us up.


Okay, enough of that.  As if Wondercon wasn’t enough, you should see where we went the next weekend….


-Mark “Humerus Mark” Tavares

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