June 12, 2011
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Licensing Expo Bound…

This week we’ll be at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas where artists and manufacturers collide!

People who make stuff love to have great art and images on their products and people who who make art love getting it to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible.    It’s a love-fest!

This the second year team Humerus is attending and we’re psyched!   Last year we had such a great experience learning about the business, meeting people etc   – we even made connections that led to our first three licensing deals!

This year we’re coming with new images, new ideas and hoping to meet more fantastic people and learn more about the Licensing Business.   Maybe we’ll even make the connections that will bring the world more Humerus STUFF!

Footnote:  in our incredibly un-scientific Facebook poll the #1 thing our fans want from Humerus next is Plush Toys  (we hear you, we’ll try!)


Until then, Viva Las Vegas!

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