April 11, 2013
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Hey, Zombieland! We’re flattered, BUT…

Hey Zombieland!

We’re flattered you liked our CAUTION (Zombie Crossing) design so much you included a version of it in your promotional art, BUT your probably should have called us first.

Compare and contrast the Humerus "CAUTION" design created in 2008 to the newly released "Zombieland the Series" poster. Something seems familiar!

Compare and contrast the Humerus “CAUTION” design created in 2008 to the newly released “Zombieland the Series” poster. Something seems familiar!

We created Caution in 2008 and debuted it on t-shirts at San Diego Comic-Con where everybody LOVED IT!   It was so popular we eventually licensed it to manufacturers and it can now be found on posters, magnets, buttons, keychains and other merchandise in stores nationwide.  All of it is Officially Licensed.   (by the way we also secured a copyright on our image back in 2008)

That’s where the sticky part comes in…

You see, the sign that appears in your ‘teaser’ art for the new “Zombieland” series looks like our design.  Yes, a few changes seem to have been made, but that’s our image.   We didn’t get a call, we haven’t signed a release to let you use it.  Frankly we were shocked to see it when it spread across the Internet like wildfire.

Our original design was a parody of a Caltrans sign that appears in southern California.   Sure one could argue that you did the same… but come on.  Our design with the Zombie has been around for 5 years, it’s all over the ‘net.   It’s in stores nationwide.  And the image in your poster has been altered (flipped, word changed, zombie ‘stretched and cleaned up’) but it’s not original.Border_crossing_sign_A

We loved the “Zombieland” movie and have high hopes for the series.  (remember when we both were exhibiting at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, and supported the San Diego Zombie Walk?)  We want you guys to succeed.

We also want to protect our interests – which means our copyrighted image is not something “Zombieland” (or Amazon Studios or Sony Pictures Television) should be making a profit from without a legal agreement with us.

Hope to hear from you soon and resolve this in a positive way for both of us!

– Brett & Mark (TEAM HUMERUS)

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    Why is the text on this page all screwed up?

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