May 7, 2013
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We Won! (sort of)


Humerus Declares Victory! Poster

We declare VICTORY!! Well, kinda…

For those of you following the saga of our dispute with Zombieland… We Won!  (sort of)

When Sony/Amazon announced that Zombieland was going to be a web series the included a teaser image of the 4 cast members on a road to a burning city – with a big yellow sign that read “WARNING” and showed a zombie chasing a family.

We said HEY!  They just reworked our CAUTION (zombie crossing) sign!   Since we created our image years ago and the Zombieland people certainly were aware of it, (we worked along side them at San Diego Comic-Con / ZombieWalk in 2009) we decided this wasn’t cool.  So, we got our hackles up and had our lawyer send them a cease and desist letter.

And we waited.

Then we noticed a few weeks ago, when the Zombieland pilot episode appeared online, that they are no longer using that teaser image.   Plus the image had been deleted from their Facebook page entirely.   We took that as a good sign.

We have now received a response from Sony’s lawyer.  In essence they admit doing nothing wrong, deny that it was a copy of ours, say that we both parodied the same CalTrans sign independently.  HOWEVER – they are no longer using the image, never printed physical copies and have not made any profit from it’s use.

So in the end, they did “cease and desist.” (for whatever reason they need to tell themselves)

We’ll call that a WIN for Team Humerus

– Mark & Brett

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