June 4, 2013
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The Next Doctor Who – Asa Butterfield?

With the announcement that Matt Smith will be “relinquishing” the role of television’s most famous time traveler, speculation has begun once again as to who will be the next manifestation of Doctor Who.

We’ve heard speculation that it might be this actor or that, that the Doctor will be black, a woman, and fans who can’t get over the regeneration thing claiming it will once again be David Tennant. But one rumor is starting to make sense…

The next Doctor will be a teenager. Specifically, Asa Butterfield award winning child star of HUGO and next year’s much anticipated Ender’s Game.

The twelfth Doctor Who

Since he first appeared in 1967 as a cranky old William Hartnell (who was 55 when he first appeared as the Time Lord) Doctor Who has been portrayed by a series of younger looking actors right up to the current series where Christopher Eccleston (41) regenerated in to David Tennant (34) who regenerated into Matt Smith (28).

This presents new story and character options as the 1000+ year old time lord is running around in a body that everyone assumes is a child.

Asa Butterfield is an acclaimed english actor who will turn 17 next year. Though die-hard fans may cry foul, a younger Doctor fits the pattern laid out in the past 50 years, and opens up the possibilities for new companions and stories (and a younger fan base). And by the way, #wearekidding. We don’t know anyone associated with Doctor Who and have no inside information about casting.  But just in case we’re preparing some Doogie Howser jokes…

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  1. Kaiko Mikkusu

    Well, a kid Doctor could do well, and i thought something, if they make a kid Thirteenth Doctor, then they could have him have a kid Zoe Heriot as his companion, looking the same age as him. But it’s not the same Zoe Heriot that travelled with the Second Doctor or grow up to be her. In fact, her last name may not even be Heriot! This is an Alternate Universe Zoe where the 21st Century is more like it is on our Earth, because of events directly correlated to the Third Doctor s’ exile on Earth and things about what companions he picked up. And this Zoe lives with her played-by-Frazer-Hines-and-Wendy-Padbury mysterious, unnamed “Uncle” and “Aunt”- which may very well be the original Jamie and Zoe.

    New-Zoe s’ fate is of going to New Gallifrey with the kid Doctor and they meet the First Doctor when he was young. And New-Zoe accidentally looks into the Eye of Harmony, so she has to go to the Academy to become a Time Lady. But she gets into a moral fight with Rassilon who is torn to erasing her memories. The First Doctor and Thirteenth Doctor decide together that the only way to save her is to kill her, so they try to kill her using their Sonic Screwdrivers, making New-Zoe semi-regenerate into another girl, and then falls in a coma. The newly-regenerated New-Zoe gets sent on Earth with no memories of her past life, and grows up as Melanie Bush.

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